Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Of all the discusting...

I was cleaning the kitchen this morning and in the middle of rinsing off the dishes before putting them in the dishwasher (what a wonderful invention btw) the garbage disposal decided to stop working. I figured it was just clogged, but I wasn't even about to put my hand down there. A few ingredients that were in the sink are as follows: raw chicken, fish, cabbage, bread (Ethan trying to help clean), and a few other things. As the dishwasher was going this sink filled up, which I didn't realize for a while cause I wasn't in the kitchen anymore. It was getting a little stinky, then I thought maybe I should go check on it. The sink was filled to the top with quite revolting, brown, chunky water. So I stopped the dishwasher, scooped some of the water up a few times with a huge bowl and threw it in the backyard so it wasn't overflowing anymore. After lunch Aleena put her dishes in the sink and was taking a little longer than she should have.... yeah, she dipped a cup into it and DRANK IT!!!!! I was gagging so hard!! WHY DO KIDS SO SUCH NASTY THINGS!?! It's amazing that some children live through such stages of life... like when Ethan ate his poop...

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

She's a thinker...

Something that my kids like to do that I really don't like is that they suck water out of their sippies, spit it into lock blocks, and then drink it... nasty. So this morning Aleena was doing that (while hiding out in her room cause they're not supposed to) and she spilled water all down the front of her shirt. She came into the kitchen whining cause her shirt was all wet. I asked her if she was spitting out her water again and she's like, "Uh... no... I.......... I think Ethan did it. And he was weawing my clothes!! Yeah, he was weawing my clothes and spitting out watow and he got my clothes all wet!!" Perfect "no lying" lesson opportunity right? Yeah, not so much for her, she just argues with whatever I have to say about ANYTHING. Then an hour or so later I said to the kids, "You guys know I love you right?" In a silly voice Aleena said, "No..."
Me: "Well I do. I love you lots and lots."
Aleena: "Jesus wants us to, huh?"
Me: "Yes, he wants us to love each other, and to be happy, and be good, and to ALWAYS tell the truth!"
Aleena: "And he wants us to dance?"
Me: "Sure, yeah, he wants us to dance..."
Aleena: "Then we can put ouw jammies on and you can tuwn ouw house into a dance! But that wouldn't be good."

Yeah, I don't know where that girls comes up with some of the things she says. I think she's a little kookie. She makes me laugh a lot.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Her mouth just keeps on runnin...

Aleena has been talking nonstop since she's been awake this morning!! I just have to post what she's been saying. She was putting on her Sunday shoes (they have a little heal on them... so cute!) and I told her I didn't really want her to play with them cause they're just to wear to church. Here's her response:
"Then I can weaw them to chuwch on Sunday with my tights with my dwess with the dots with my shuwt?" (polkadotted spaghetti strap dress that she wears a shirt under)
Me: "Yep."
Aleena: "Oh, okay. That would be nice. Yow a good fwend!"
She then set her shoes down and Ethan came along to pilfer them and try to put them on. Then she said: "Hey! Those shoes aow not fow boys to weaw! Boys do not weaw tights or high heals! Mom, he's weawing my shoes and he's being weawly fweakin naughty!"
And then she went on to inform me that she wants to take a "reading adventure".

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Where does this stuff come from?

James and I took a little vacation last weekend and went to my parents house. The kids and I were particularly needing out of the house. At church on Sunday was the Primary Program in Carthage. Aleena was talking to my dad and said, "The kids just keep singing over and over again! What's that all about? I don't think they're going to stop!"
My dad replied, "Do you want to go up and sing with them?"
Aleena: "Well, I don't know the words to this song... so no, I don't want to sing."

She's such a smarty pants.

Ethan is doing okay with the potty training. Not great, but good. If I keep a close eye on the clock and take him every hour he doesn't have any pee pee accidents, but he still would rather poo in his pants than in the toilet. What's with my kids being so freaked out at the though of pooping on the toilet!? I personally don't think it's a scary thing to do.

So, James and I are really excited for "New Moon" to come out!! The only problem is that WE DON'T HAVE A BABYSITTER ANYMORE!!! Nancyann, you're too stinkin busy! Of course, if you would like to make a few extra bucks and watch our kids just one more time before you leave, that would be awesome! ;) Your mom told me your play is over on the 21st, and that's about when we'd be needing a sitter.... just thought I'd throw that idea your way. Let me know if you want to :)

Maya is a wonderful baby, but we really need to get her out of our room!! James and I don't sleep very well cause the sweet little angel snores!! At least she's a good sleeper though, huh?

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Making cookies

The other day I was making cookies and Aleena asked if we could watch a movie together and eat cookies. I told her that would be fine but we'll have to wait till the cookies are done. She said, "Yeah, and I can have a GWEAT BIG cookie, like THIS big!!!" (she opened her arms out wide to a big circle)
Me: "Well, I don't think I can give you a cookie that big."
Aleena: "Why not?"
Me: "Because that would make you sick."
Aleena: "OH!! Then I can go to the doctow, and I can feel bettow, and then I can have ANOTHOW gweat big cookie!!!"

What a dear child! She always has the perfect solution for everything :P

So last week on Tuesday and Wednesday I told Ethan over and over again throughout the day that his diapers were almost gone and that he was gonna wear big boy underwear and go pee and poo on the toilet. Then Thursday... dun dun dun... the adventure began. We had lots of accidents Thursday, which I had totally mentally prepared myself for btw, and each time he did I said, "Uh oh, we can't pee in our big boy underwear. We need to do that in the toilet now," and he'd sit on the toilet for a little bit each time. Friday, we had a couple accidents, and since then we haven't had any pee pee accidents!! He's gone poo on the toilet a couple times but hasn't quite mastered that part yet. We're so proud of him!!! He's doing a great job!! YEAH!!!!!

And as for our dear little Maya, she's just as sweet as can be! She's got a pretty good schedule during the day. She goes to bed for the night between 7 and 7:30 and doesn't wake up to eat usually until 4ish. She's 2 and 1/2 months old now... I know I know, I still haven't gotten any pictures up. We're having camera/scanner issues. Hopefully we'll get it all figured out soon though.

So, being the mother of 3 is a ton of fun and extremely busy most of the time. I really miss blogging but I'll do by best to do it more often. And I've also read a few of your blogs today trying to get caught up :D Anyway, love you all!!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Our Newest Arival!!

We've had a baby, shout hooray!! Maya Renea Lopez was born last Thursday, August 20th at 1:14 PM. She was 8 lbs 1 oz and 21 inches long. She's a beauty!! She's got lot's of black hair and she's full of smiles already! Sorry I don't have any pictures on, but I'll get them on just as soon as I figure out how :P So far she's been about as perfect as a baby can be!! She's been sleeping 5 or 6 hours at night, eating, then sleeping for 4 or 5 more!! It's been wonderful!! She's also very talented at pooping as we change her diaper. Happens almost every single time. Anyway, I'll get some pictures up soon, don't worry!!

Yesterday we were driving around (all needed out of the house) and James and I got us some food. Ethan and Aleena had just eaten so we were just sharing fries with them. Two seconds after I would give them fries they'd both start repeating "more, more" like the seagulls on Finding Nemo "mine, mine"... Yeah that gets old REAL quick. James said, "Oh my gosh! Kids, just be quiet!!" And our dear Aleena's response was, "Hey, I'm not a kid! I'm 3 yews ode!! Just leave me alone!!" The rest of the way home Ethan just kept saying, "Dude!!" over and over again.

This morning I was getting breakfast for the kids and I THOUGHT they were both in their seats waiting for it. Then Aleena said, "Hey Mom, I'm holding Maya!!" Talk about a near death by heart attack experience!! I ran into the livingroom and, I'm not really sure how, Aleena was walking around with Maya cradled in her arms!!! AAAHHHH!!!!!! As soon as I had Maya out of Aleena's arms, Aleena started sobbing, "I just wanna hold my sistow!! I wanna hold Maya Wenay!!" Ethan and Aleena are both very good siblings to Maya and they want to hold her and help any way they can.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

What's Said Isn't Always What's Heard

The other day, I was in the bathroom getting ready for work. Ethan's not allowed in the bathroom, and he knows it. We have a gate up in the back of the hallway and he came and pushed it down, said, "Uh oh," and the came into the bathroom and stomped his feet and laughed. I told him to get out and Aleena's like, "What's wrong, Mommy?"
Me- "Ethan's being a pill."
Aleena- "He's being a pillow?"
Me- "No, he's being a pill, a stinker. He's being naughty."
Aleena- "He's being a pillow, and stinker, and he needs to go potty?"
Then she laughed. She knew that wasn't really what I had said. I must say though, I do think that was quite clever of her. She's so dang hilarious!

Speaking of Clever... on the 29th and 30th we're moving to a duplex in Clever. It's about 10 minutes away from where we are right now. We'll be next door neighbors with Brandon and Lauren!! We're very excited to move there cause we'll have a LOT more room. The apartment we're in right now has absolutely no storage space. Our duplex has a garage, and attic, drawers in the bathroom (yeah we don't have any here), and a walk-in closet in our room. We'll get to put a lot of stuff in the garage instead of stacked up in the bedrooms or hallway. And we've made a couple purchases lately for decorating stuff. Our couch was really ugly so we got a cover for it and it looks a million times better!! We bought a rug for the livingroom, which looks quite nice with the couch cover. And we're either going to buy a cedar chest for the kids' toys or James is going to make one, haven't decided yet. And depending on what kind of deal we can find we might buy a cute rug for the kids' room too. Okay, I think I'm done with my random babbling for this post. :)

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Long Time, No Post

Don't worry, I'm still alive. :) So, about that last post I made, it's a girl for those of you who haven't heard yet. Her name is Maya Renee Lopez and she's due to come August 26th. She moves around ALL the time and doesn't like to have her heart rate checked. At the last appointment I had, when the nurse was trying to get her heart rate, Maya kept kicking the monitor and moving away. It was interesting.

So I'm sure you're all ready to hear some fun Aleena and Ethan stories. Well, I have some!! Last Sunday at church, we were sitting next to Brandon and Lauren (brother and sister-in-law) and Aleena was sitting on Brandon's lap. He told her she was adorable and she replied, "No, I'm not adowable. I'm just a cute little giwl." Yesterday we were in the car driving around and James turned on rap music. I looked back at Ethan and he was totally rockin out bobbing his head back and forth. It was hilarious! And one more story to wrap this post up. A month ago my family was all at my mom's house. My brother, Daniel was singing a rock song to Aleena. I think he said it was called "Helena" (something like that) but he changed it so he was singing her name. After he sang, this is how their conversation went.
Daniel- "So, Aleena, did you like my song?"
Aleena- "Um, no."
Daniel- "No? Why not?"
Aleena- "Well, it was kinda loud."
Daniel- "Well, is there anything I can do to fix it, to make it better?"
Aleena- "Yeah, maybe you could stop singing."

I just have to say, as hard as being a parent has been at times and will be many times more, I love our children so much! They bring so much joy and happiness to our lives and make us laugh all the time! Out of the mouths of babes.... you never know what will be said next!!