Saturday, July 24, 2010

Lawn Mowing

A couple nights ago I was in the kids' room with them cleaning up toys before they went to bed. I was putting Mulan's jacket on and Aleena said, "Mom, she doesn't weally need that on."
Me: "Well, actually she does, cause without it she's not modest."
Aleena: "It's okay, she's just the lawn mowing giwl."
Me: "Uh, the what?"
Aleena: "She's the lawn mowing giwl. Hew name is Mow-lawn."

Then yesterday, Grandpa took the kids outside while he was picking sage leaves.
Aleena: "What aw you doing Gwampa?"
Gwampa: "I'm picking sage."
Aleena: "I'd like to help."
Gwampa: "Well, you don't know how."
Aleena: "I beg to diffew."

Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Aleena: "I'm gonna have 10 kids."
Mom: "Really?"
Aleena: "Yeah, and I'm gonna marry some of their dads."
Gramma: "Let's not go there."
Aleena: "Oh, I AM gonna go there... and Ethan's not gonna marry anything."

We Moved!

We are officially living with my parents! If everything goes as planned, which I plan on happening, we'll be staying here permanently. We moved in last Tuesday. We're still trying to get things arranged, naturally. It'll take a while I'm sure cause we're also doing some remodeling in the process, so we'll be moving things around quite a bit for quite a while I'm sure. My children are even more excited to be here than we are!! Every kids' dream, to get to live with their Gwamma and Gwampa!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Aleena informed me that we're getting dogs. She's got it all planned out. She'll have a pink one named Eliba, I'll have a red one named Esabba, Ethan will have a blue one named Fajis, and Daddy will have a black one and a brown one named Ehine and Ebine.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Pee, Mold, and Hair Gel

Boys are disgusting. When Ethan goes potty, I give him a little bit of tp to dab himself dry so there's not a pee streak on the toilet seat. He reached too far back when he was wiping and it got on his hand... so he licked it. I had some baby food sitting on the table next to my purse so I wouldn't forget to take it to the store to exchange it. There was mold on it... so he licked it. I was fixing Ethan's hair with gel. Every time I do he points at it and says "Bandon!!" He thinks it looks like his Uncle Brandon's hair. He rubbed his hand it his hair and got gel all over his hand... so he licked it. Is every boy just as gross as the next?

Aleena was watching "Mary Poppins" today, or as she calls her, "Maiwy Puffins". There's a preview of Pinocchio at the beginning of it and Aleena said, "Mom! I wanna watch Okie Dokie!!"

Maya is getting so big! She's sitting up really well now and she rolls like crazy. She hasn't gotten up on her hands and knees yet, which is kinda nice... :) I've already got 2 hooligans getting into everything, I'm okay with Maya not crawling yet. She's such a sweetheart. It's so easy to get her to smile and she laughs all the time. She's a wonderful, happy baby. We're very relieved to have her as our third baby after having Ethan. He's adorable and fun, but boy is he a challenge!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Story of the Day by Aleena May

While Aleena was eating her breakfast she said, "Hey, Mom, I have a stowy fow ya." She informed me that it was called "The End of the Crocodile". Then she proceeded as follows:

The two boys wew wunning and the cwocodile gave one boy a booboo. And that's not nice. And then the cwocodile put the boys in a cage. And then I went ovew to theiw house and then I told them, the thwee monstows and thwee cwocodiles, to not give the boy a booboo. And then the monstows went ovew to the boys' house and I told them to get out. Not the boys ow the gowls, just the monstows and the cwocodiles. Then I said, "WHO aw YOU!!" So then they wew talking nice. Then the gowls and the boys wew fine and I talked to the monstows and the cwocodiles fow a little bit and then I said, 'Shew shew!" Then evwyone was fine."

Not a bad story for a 3-year-old eh? And that's all directly from her mouth. I didn't modify. Just wanted to make sure that was totally clear. :)

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Three Year Old Innocence

I've been teaching Aleena the sounds letters make and she's been learing how to spell each of our names. A couple days ago she said to me, "Hey, Mom, I have and A, Ethan has an a, Daddy has an a, Maya has an a, and you have an a!!" I said, "Well, all of you have a's, but I don't have any a's in my name." Sadly she replied, "Aw, but I want you to have an a... OH! I know! I'll give you my a's!! I have 2 of them!" She's known how to spell my name for a while now, and since she made me that offer, she's been spelling my name K-a-e-l-l-a-i, because afterall, she did share her a's with me.

I was watching cartoons with Aleena yesterday and the nursery rhyme character "Mary Mary Quite Contrary" made her appearance on Sesame Street. Living up to her name, she argued with everything anybody said. My mom and I were comparing Aleena to Mary Mary, because Aleena pretty much knows everything in the world and, in her opinion, basically everything that comes out of my mouth is wrong. Today she wanted to watch the "D&C and Church History" video.... yeah, she's weird.... anyway at the beginning of a segment there was a scripture and she asked me what it said, so I read it to her and she said, "That's not what it says, Mom."
Me: "Okay, Mary Mary Quite Contrary."
Aleena: "No, Mom, she's fwom Sesame Stweet."
Me: "I know, but you are quite contrary."
Aleena: "No I'm not."
Me: "You don't even know what contrary means."
Aleena: "Yes I do."
Me: "Contrary means you argue with everything."
Aleena: "No it doesn't."
Me: "And you argue with everything I say."
Aleena: "No I don't."
Me: "Therefore, you are contrary."
Aleena: "No I'm not."

Good grief. I thought kids were supposed to be humble and teachable!!! Silly girl...

Thursday, February 11, 2010

I actually did it!!

Aleena has been begging me to cut her hair since I cut mine, which was about 5 months ago. Then recently, James has been telling me over and over that I should cut it... I caved in!! I have to say, I think it turned out pretty dang cute, although I am missing her long gorgeous hair. :( Here are the "before" pictures (next 2) Btw, I cut off 10 inches!!!!! We'll be donating that...

And here are the "after" pictures! What do you think?

I'm happy to report that Aleena absolutely loves it! She likes to flip it around a lot.

Silly girl.

I also have to point out that this is the first girl's styled haircut I've ever done! Not too shabby, eh?

Friday, January 15, 2010

Fun Family Moments

Happy Birthday to Ethan!! He's 2 years old now!!! Oops, sorry, forgot to rotate the cake picture and now I don't know how :P If you just tilt your head a little to the left...

Someone REALLY enjoyed his birthday cake!!

Little Miss Maya loves giving her daddy kisses. She adores him! I can't say I blame her...

Kids ALWAYS have to wear their parents shoes :D

Here's one for you Uncle Scott!

We had fun making crowns with the kids. When James put his on, Aleena said, "Oh, how cute, Daddy! You look like a Pwincess!!"

Sunday, January 3, 2010


The first three are within her first week. The others are up to date. Mostly just kids being silly. 1. They used up all the stickers so they thought it'd be a good idea to wear the sticker part that was around the real stickers.
2. Aleena had a skirt on so Ethan decided he needed one on too.
3. Reading Pooh together.
4. Ethan turned my stereo on and they brought their chairs in and were chillin.
And the rest, just goofin around.