Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Story of the Day by Aleena May

While Aleena was eating her breakfast she said, "Hey, Mom, I have a stowy fow ya." She informed me that it was called "The End of the Crocodile". Then she proceeded as follows:

The two boys wew wunning and the cwocodile gave one boy a booboo. And that's not nice. And then the cwocodile put the boys in a cage. And then I went ovew to theiw house and then I told them, the thwee monstows and thwee cwocodiles, to not give the boy a booboo. And then the monstows went ovew to the boys' house and I told them to get out. Not the boys ow the gowls, just the monstows and the cwocodiles. Then I said, "WHO aw YOU!!" So then they wew talking nice. Then the gowls and the boys wew fine and I talked to the monstows and the cwocodiles fow a little bit and then I said, 'Shew shew!" Then evwyone was fine."

Not a bad story for a 3-year-old eh? And that's all directly from her mouth. I didn't modify. Just wanted to make sure that was totally clear. :)


Mike and Marisa Compton said...

HAHAHA! OH boy. She's crazy.

Sarah said...

Oh my gosh! I love Aleena, that is SO funny!
You should have gone to Grandmas yesterday. We were there. :(
And I think we need to do something before you move for good. :)

Jim, Jessica, Justus and Ella said...

thats a creative one!