Friday, August 17, 2012

At last, an update!!

We finally got internet again!!!!  I've missed reading everyone's blogs so much!!  I feel like I never know what's going on anymore.  But now I get to read up on what everyone has been up to and get myself back into the loop :) So now, to update my blog.... Well, we've had another kid since I last posted :p Aleena is now 6 and we're home schooling.  Ethan is 4 and 1/2, Maya will be 3 on Monday and today is Jamie's first birthday!!  We're having a joint birthday party tomorrow for Maya and Jamie.  Alright, so for the fun stuff.  Yesterday, we were in the car and Aleena and Maya were both singing their own versions of songs.  Aleena was singing This Old Man and singing, instead of give a dog a bone, give a dog away.  My favorite song that Maya sings is Jesus Once Was A Little Child, in which she use to sing, "and he was bored and weak a wild as a little child should be" and then last night she added to it with the second verse, instead of singing he played as little children play the pleasant games of youth. but he never got vexed if a game went wrong... she sang "he never got punched if a game went wrong".  Out of the mouths of babes...

As I said earlier, we're home schooling.  Aleena is mostly in second grade curriculum, a little bit of third grade mixed in there as well.  Ethan is officially starting kindergarten this year, doing really well with letters and numbers and learning to write them as well.  Maya's a goof, and also learning her letters and numbers.  She had eye surgery when she was about 10 months old cause her eyes were crossed.  I recently took her to the doctor for a check up because one eye was starting to get a bit crossed again and it turns out she needs glasses, which we'll get just as soon as we can find some small enough.  I never would have thought it'd be so hard to find glasses her size!!  We've looked at, I think, 7 different places!  It's getting a little frustrating, but I think we might just have to get her some that are just a tiny bit too big.  They still look cute though :)

In exactly 19 days James and I will be leaving for France to visit my in-laws!!  We went last year for 10 days and it was absolutely AMAZING!!  After our visit, they moved into a new house, which is a very old French style home (can't wait to see it!!) that needed a bit of updating.  It had been vacant for over 3 years, so my in-laws have been working hard to get it all the way they want it.  My dear mother-in-law, Sherry, called us a few weeks ago and asked how we'd feel about coming for a visit and having James stay a bit longer and finishing the house for them.  Are you kidding?  OF COURSE!!!  James is pretty dang excited to get to work on their house, AND we get to come visit!!!  I can't even begin to express how excited we both are!!!  One of the coolest chicks in the world, Julia Willis, is gonna stay with our little munchkins.  THANK YOU JULIA!!!!  I'm gonna miss my kiddos!  We got internet though, so at least we'll be able to skype :D

Well, time to get the little ones down for naps, so... I hope I still have blog buddies!!!!  I know it's been a while.  Anyway, ta ta for now!!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Lawn Mowing

A couple nights ago I was in the kids' room with them cleaning up toys before they went to bed. I was putting Mulan's jacket on and Aleena said, "Mom, she doesn't weally need that on."
Me: "Well, actually she does, cause without it she's not modest."
Aleena: "It's okay, she's just the lawn mowing giwl."
Me: "Uh, the what?"
Aleena: "She's the lawn mowing giwl. Hew name is Mow-lawn."

Then yesterday, Grandpa took the kids outside while he was picking sage leaves.
Aleena: "What aw you doing Gwampa?"
Gwampa: "I'm picking sage."
Aleena: "I'd like to help."
Gwampa: "Well, you don't know how."
Aleena: "I beg to diffew."

Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Aleena: "I'm gonna have 10 kids."
Mom: "Really?"
Aleena: "Yeah, and I'm gonna marry some of their dads."
Gramma: "Let's not go there."
Aleena: "Oh, I AM gonna go there... and Ethan's not gonna marry anything."

We Moved!

We are officially living with my parents! If everything goes as planned, which I plan on happening, we'll be staying here permanently. We moved in last Tuesday. We're still trying to get things arranged, naturally. It'll take a while I'm sure cause we're also doing some remodeling in the process, so we'll be moving things around quite a bit for quite a while I'm sure. My children are even more excited to be here than we are!! Every kids' dream, to get to live with their Gwamma and Gwampa!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Aleena informed me that we're getting dogs. She's got it all planned out. She'll have a pink one named Eliba, I'll have a red one named Esabba, Ethan will have a blue one named Fajis, and Daddy will have a black one and a brown one named Ehine and Ebine.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Pee, Mold, and Hair Gel

Boys are disgusting. When Ethan goes potty, I give him a little bit of tp to dab himself dry so there's not a pee streak on the toilet seat. He reached too far back when he was wiping and it got on his hand... so he licked it. I had some baby food sitting on the table next to my purse so I wouldn't forget to take it to the store to exchange it. There was mold on it... so he licked it. I was fixing Ethan's hair with gel. Every time I do he points at it and says "Bandon!!" He thinks it looks like his Uncle Brandon's hair. He rubbed his hand it his hair and got gel all over his hand... so he licked it. Is every boy just as gross as the next?

Aleena was watching "Mary Poppins" today, or as she calls her, "Maiwy Puffins". There's a preview of Pinocchio at the beginning of it and Aleena said, "Mom! I wanna watch Okie Dokie!!"

Maya is getting so big! She's sitting up really well now and she rolls like crazy. She hasn't gotten up on her hands and knees yet, which is kinda nice... :) I've already got 2 hooligans getting into everything, I'm okay with Maya not crawling yet. She's such a sweetheart. It's so easy to get her to smile and she laughs all the time. She's a wonderful, happy baby. We're very relieved to have her as our third baby after having Ethan. He's adorable and fun, but boy is he a challenge!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Story of the Day by Aleena May

While Aleena was eating her breakfast she said, "Hey, Mom, I have a stowy fow ya." She informed me that it was called "The End of the Crocodile". Then she proceeded as follows:

The two boys wew wunning and the cwocodile gave one boy a booboo. And that's not nice. And then the cwocodile put the boys in a cage. And then I went ovew to theiw house and then I told them, the thwee monstows and thwee cwocodiles, to not give the boy a booboo. And then the monstows went ovew to the boys' house and I told them to get out. Not the boys ow the gowls, just the monstows and the cwocodiles. Then I said, "WHO aw YOU!!" So then they wew talking nice. Then the gowls and the boys wew fine and I talked to the monstows and the cwocodiles fow a little bit and then I said, 'Shew shew!" Then evwyone was fine."

Not a bad story for a 3-year-old eh? And that's all directly from her mouth. I didn't modify. Just wanted to make sure that was totally clear. :)