Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Aleena: "I'm gonna have 10 kids."
Mom: "Really?"
Aleena: "Yeah, and I'm gonna marry some of their dads."
Gramma: "Let's not go there."
Aleena: "Oh, I AM gonna go there... and Ethan's not gonna marry anything."


Nancyann said...

HAHAHAHAHA! Oh my goodness! That girl has too much attitude for her own good! :P Too funny!

Shelly said...

HAHA!! Kelli, really. You need to just let a tape recorder run all day attached to that girl!!

Sarah said...

ha ha ha she know who's boss!

Mike and Marisa Compton said...

hahaha, she's such a little stinker. too funny.

Julia said...

Haha! Oh my goodness! Little stinker is right! But you have to admit, she is a cute little stinker!

Sheri said...

LOL! Aleena cracks me up!