Saturday, July 24, 2010

Lawn Mowing

A couple nights ago I was in the kids' room with them cleaning up toys before they went to bed. I was putting Mulan's jacket on and Aleena said, "Mom, she doesn't weally need that on."
Me: "Well, actually she does, cause without it she's not modest."
Aleena: "It's okay, she's just the lawn mowing giwl."
Me: "Uh, the what?"
Aleena: "She's the lawn mowing giwl. Hew name is Mow-lawn."

Then yesterday, Grandpa took the kids outside while he was picking sage leaves.
Aleena: "What aw you doing Gwampa?"
Gwampa: "I'm picking sage."
Aleena: "I'd like to help."
Gwampa: "Well, you don't know how."
Aleena: "I beg to diffew."

Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Aleena: "I'm gonna have 10 kids."
Mom: "Really?"
Aleena: "Yeah, and I'm gonna marry some of their dads."
Gramma: "Let's not go there."
Aleena: "Oh, I AM gonna go there... and Ethan's not gonna marry anything."

We Moved!

We are officially living with my parents! If everything goes as planned, which I plan on happening, we'll be staying here permanently. We moved in last Tuesday. We're still trying to get things arranged, naturally. It'll take a while I'm sure cause we're also doing some remodeling in the process, so we'll be moving things around quite a bit for quite a while I'm sure. My children are even more excited to be here than we are!! Every kids' dream, to get to live with their Gwamma and Gwampa!