Friday, December 19, 2008

Newsy News

I peed on a stick and got two lines!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Sweet Prayers, Stinky Diapers, and Barfy Weekeds

The other night we were having family prayers before bed. It was James' turn, but that didn't stop Aleena from repeating everything she could. James said in his prayer, "We're grateful to have the gospel in our lives," and Aleena, repeating what SHE heard, said, "and gwapeful for wipes." Naturally we had to end that prayer quickly. I couldn't hold my giggles back.

I think she's finally starting to get over her "Terrible Two's" all except one aspect of it... being stubborn. I don't think that one's gonna go away though, EVER. Probably at least half of what I ask her or tell her to do, she sweetly says, "No." And at this point, I'm beginning to think she'll still be pooping in a diaper when she's 10 years old! I'm open to suggestions on poopoo training, so PLEASE share your ideas!!! I just need to help her WANT to do it, cause she has before, once, but just simply doesn't want to anymore. AAHH!!!

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving last week! We spent it with James' family playing games and visiting. It was loads of fun! Unfortunately though, we picked something up along the way and spent the weekend barfing, and poor little Ethan still is. He didn't start until the rest of us were pretty much done, so he hasn't quite gotten over it yet. I'm so excited for Christmas this year! I'm especially excited for my mother-in-law, Sherry, to get to spend it in France with her sweety, Phillipe. I hope she has a WONDERFUL time!! Anyway, hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving and has an awesome Christmas!! Just don't forget the real reason for the season!