Saturday, March 6, 2010

Three Year Old Innocence

I've been teaching Aleena the sounds letters make and she's been learing how to spell each of our names. A couple days ago she said to me, "Hey, Mom, I have and A, Ethan has an a, Daddy has an a, Maya has an a, and you have an a!!" I said, "Well, all of you have a's, but I don't have any a's in my name." Sadly she replied, "Aw, but I want you to have an a... OH! I know! I'll give you my a's!! I have 2 of them!" She's known how to spell my name for a while now, and since she made me that offer, she's been spelling my name K-a-e-l-l-a-i, because afterall, she did share her a's with me.

I was watching cartoons with Aleena yesterday and the nursery rhyme character "Mary Mary Quite Contrary" made her appearance on Sesame Street. Living up to her name, she argued with everything anybody said. My mom and I were comparing Aleena to Mary Mary, because Aleena pretty much knows everything in the world and, in her opinion, basically everything that comes out of my mouth is wrong. Today she wanted to watch the "D&C and Church History" video.... yeah, she's weird.... anyway at the beginning of a segment there was a scripture and she asked me what it said, so I read it to her and she said, "That's not what it says, Mom."
Me: "Okay, Mary Mary Quite Contrary."
Aleena: "No, Mom, she's fwom Sesame Stweet."
Me: "I know, but you are quite contrary."
Aleena: "No I'm not."
Me: "You don't even know what contrary means."
Aleena: "Yes I do."
Me: "Contrary means you argue with everything."
Aleena: "No it doesn't."
Me: "And you argue with everything I say."
Aleena: "No I don't."
Me: "Therefore, you are contrary."
Aleena: "No I'm not."

Good grief. I thought kids were supposed to be humble and teachable!!! Silly girl...