Saturday, November 15, 2008

Kid Stuff... What Else?

Ethan is at the point now where he's starting to say words. He says "Momma" and "Dadda" and a couple more like that, but the other day he said a new one. I was trying to feed him cream of wheat, which he usually loves and eats as much as me, but he wasn't interested. I tried a couple different times to give him a bite and the third time I tried, he shook his head and growled, "yuuucky". What a cutie! A few days ago, when I was at my first day of work, Aleena was watching her daddy play a shooting game on the computer. After James shot someone on the game, she said, "Daddy, you shouldn't shoot him, he might be good." lol Then yesterday she brought a bunch of her toys into the livingroom, dumped them on the floor, and sat on the couch to watch James play his game again. A couple minutes later I said, "Aleena, you need to pick up your toys and put them back in your room." She sweetly said to me, "No, I'll watch Daddy play his game." So I told her again, "No, you need to pick up your toys." She replied, with very little enthusiasm, "But I love to watch tv." So, trying not to laugh too hard, I said, "Aleena, I don't care if you love to watch tv, you still need to pick up your toys and put them in your room." Then, get this, she said, "No, Mommy, you can pick them up for me." Excuse me!! Not even two and a half and she's coming up with these kinds of responses!! We're in SO much trouble!! I couldn't get upset at her though, she's way to cute, and she wasn't saying it to be naughty, just matter-of-factly. I told her I'd help her pick them up, but they were hers so she needed to do it too, so she happily did. I'm so happy to be where I am in life!! I love my dear husband and our beautiful children so much!!

Friday, November 14, 2008

My New Job

I got hired on at Applebee's as a waitress!! I started my first day of shadowing (training) last night. It went well for me and for James and the kids. It's definitely going to be different not putting the kids to bed every night, but I don't think I'll be working every night of the week, so I'll still get to sometimes. I know there will be times that it's way harder, for both me and James, for me to be working, but I think there will also be lots of good things about it. For me, I get a break from the kids whether or not I want it :) and James was wanting to have more time with them, so that works out nicely. I just hope every night, at least for the most part, goes as well for James with the kids as last night did. I don't work again for a few days but when I do I'll get pictures so you can see the "Applebee's Kelli". I probably look so different you'll hardly recognize me!! :P

Friday, November 7, 2008

Pete and Repeat

During the day when my kids are both awake, their bedroom door has to stay open. Aleena likes to go in the room and wait for Ethan to get just outside the room and then shut the door. Yeah, sibling rivalry has begun. So the rule is no shutting the door. Aleena is in her room, supposed to be taking a nap. She kept getting up so I just went in there and put her back in bed and told her sweetly that she needed to stay in bed cause it's nap time and she needs to go to sleep. When I walked out of the room, I listened cause usually she has something to say in this situation. So a few seconds later she said (of course with her cute little voice), "Hey! You do NOT shut de dow!! You undowstan!? (growl) My kids dus don't yissen!" HAHA Wonder where THAT came from!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Big Words

I absolutely love using big words and hearing Aleena try to repeat them! It's so dang cute!! So her little doctor set that I got her... she was playing with her stethescope tonight and I told her what it's called and asked if she could say it and she's like, "No, I don't wanna say devescote." lol She's adorable. That's another word that I love to hear her say, only she actually says it right. I was painting her nails the other day and each nail that I completed she would say, "Oh Mommy, it's adowable!! It's so bewful!! My nails aow so pwitty!! They yook so cute!" She's always telling me I'm so smart and so cute... pretty much anything I tell her. lol I love that girl!!

Catching up

James and I took the kids to get pictures the other day. We don't have them yet, but I'll post some when we get them. Aleena was so cute posing and smiling the whole time. The photographer took a few picture with her and Ethan and she sweetly set her hand on his leg, ready for the picture to be taken. Anyway, it was a lot of fun. So Ethan has 4 teeth now, his two front bottom teeth, and the two top teeth next to the front ones. He looks like a little vampire!! I just started a potty success chart for Aleena. It's got like 15 spots in each column. Each time she pees in the toilet she gets a sticker, and IF she'll ever poo, she'll get 2 stickers. When she fills up a column she gets a special present. Today she completed another column and her special present was a little doctor set. I showed her what to do with the stethescope, but she had a different idea, so there's a picture of that too. And of course, she likes to make funny faces. This one is for Uncle Butt :D And the last thing I'm gonna blog about right now is... dun dun dun... I'm getting a job! I'm kinda nervous about it. I was thinking maybe I could take a little bit of stress off of James' if I work while he's at home. It might help him with schooling so he can concentrate more on school and not have to worry about the bills. Of course if either of us don't like it after the first week or two we'll go back to the old ways :) but we'll see. I'm trying to get a job as a waitress. I had an interview yesterday at Applebee's and today I'll talk to someone setting up my second interview. If I do get the job, I'll just be working for the dinner shift, so James will be home with the kids, feeding them dinner and getting them in bed. He's excited about getting to spend more time with them, but it'll definitely be hard to get use to for both of us I'm sure. Anyway, there actually is one more thing I was gonna say... Osama... I mean Obama is our new President. What do you all think? Honestly, I don't think it would have been much better or worse had McCain won, and I'm not really surprised at all that Obama won. I guess we'll just have to see how things go... are you nervous? I AM!